cloudflare UI page not working

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cloudflare UI page not working

Post by marcele »

Hey chirpy,

It looks like there is a javascript error on the cloudflare UI page on CSF v11.01 which prevents the UI from working properly. In Firefox and chrome I see this in the browser console on the cloudflare UI page:

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TypeError: $(...).chosen is not a function[Learn More] yMq3wnv0pfUc5kjFZIOxejZkGj:44:3
Once javascript breaks the code below doesn't get a chance to re-enable all buttons even though a domain is selected

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$('#domains').on('keyup change',function() {
		if ($('#domains').val() == null) {
			$('#cflistbtn,#cftempdenybtn,#cfaddbtn,#cfremovebtn').prop('disabled', true);
		} else {
			$('#cflistbtn,#cftempdenybtn,#cfaddbtn,#cfremovebtn').prop('disabled', false);

I hope this helps!

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Re: cloudflare UI page not working

Post by ForumAdmin »

Thank you for reporting that. We will have a fix for it in the next release.

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Re: cloudflare UI page not working

Post by batmanu »

Any update on this one? Doesn't anybody use the Cloudfare Firewall GUI?!

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Re: cloudflare UI page not working

Post by Firewalls4Life »

Old thread... but I believe it has since been fixed as it is not an issue vin 12.09.

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