SMTP_BLOCK disabled but still seems to be blocking

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I'm sure I'm missing something simple...

I have SMTP_BLOCK disabled:

I can manually open a connection to my SMTP Server over Port 465 from the command prompt, which tells me iptables is allowing outbound connections properly.

# iptables -L | grep -i smtp
ACCEPT tcp -- anywhere anywhere state NEW tcp dpt:smtp

However, a script fails to connect to my SMTP server (SMTP using ssl over Port 465) with CSF enabled. If I disable CSF the script works, but re-enable CSF and the script fails again. I also tried it with CSF enabled but LFD disabled.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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Maybe to late for this reply, but what fixed this issue for me was to allow the SMTP server IP address in csf.allow.
However when I did this for some reason it periodically reblocks it and I have to restart CSF. I'm looking for a solution to that now.
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