Suggestions for csf CloudFlare enhancements

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Suggestions for csf CloudFlare enhancements

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ConfigServer Security & Firewall >> csf - CloudFlare

1. When listing rules for users in the table output, please add support for the following additional columns;
  • Domain Name (as cPanel/WHM addon domains may not be obviously named according to the linux account username).
  • CloudFlare Rule Scope: Is the rule specific to a single domain in CloudFlare, or is it across the entire user's CloudFlare account (for all domains they have linked to their CloudFlare account).
2. When retrieving the rules, it would be nice to have some output stating which CloudFlare user account the rules are coming from, the CloudFlare user ID.

3. When retrieving the rules, please allow an option to select "ALL" user accounts (and associated cloudflare accounts. Then all rules can be retrieved and displayed in the output table, with the columns above assisting in labeling which rule is for which domain name on cloudflare + which account in cPanel.
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Re: Suggestions for csf CloudFlare enhancements

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I could only support your idea.
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