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by adamreece-webbox
24 Sep 2020, 09:50
Forum: Suggestions (cmm)
Topic: Ignore account quota limit when changing mailbox quota
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Ignore account quota limit when changing mailbox quota

Hi there, Firstly thanks for CMM. I think this is a neat add-on to WHM and you've done a good job with its feature set. I'll definitely be keeping this as standard across our WHM servers. My only suggestion is that when setting a mailbox quota (for both new and existing mailboxes) the account mailbo...
by adamreece-webbox
21 Oct 2019, 12:07
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: IP Constantly Getting Blocked
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Re: IP Constantly Getting Blocked

Does the reason for the block not show up in the syslog? You can see the most recent dropped packets with: dmesg | grep Blocked | tail Or if you want a longer list: dmesg | grep Blocked | tail -n 40 Edit: Actually this one will be more useful for you: tail /var/log/lfd.log | grep "
by adamreece-webbox
21 Oct 2019, 12:05
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: Large Deny IP List
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Re: Large Deny IP List

Ours has gone up to 6000 before without any noticeable performance hit. (Currently floating around 2800.) IPSET is a must have though to maintain performance, so don't do this if you're on OpenVZ/Virtuozzo. What we also do is every quarter prune all blacklisted entries at least 6 months old, as IP a...
by adamreece-webbox
15 Oct 2019, 09:04
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: Mixing CSF with Unbound
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Mixing CSF with Unbound

Brief explanation: We use CSF+LFD on all of our Linux based servers of which are endpoints, in that they are not required to do any IP forwarding/routing. (We'd use Shorewall for that.) This includes our internal office servers. We also use two Unbound instances as our office DNS resolver, particula...
by adamreece-webbox
10 Jan 2017, 15:43
Forum: General Discussion (csf)
Topic: CSF Blocking all outbound IPv6 traffic
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Re: CSF Blocking all outbound IPv6 traffic

I concur, all outgoing traffic appears to be denied in version 9.28 (cPanel) on CentOS 6.

This can be resolved by setting IPV6_SPI to zero, however that may in fact disable a large portion of your intended IPv6 firewall rules.