csf -u cron job runs, but no email

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Server is CentOS 7.7
csf update script is in /etc/cron.d/csf_update
cron logs show the job is being run once per day as expected
root has been set as the recipient of emails
But I"m not getting an email telling me it's run.

I used to get these emails when my VPS was on CentOS 6 with a different host. I moved hosts and am now on CentOS 7.7, and when I installed CSF, I migrated all settings from my old server to my new. As stated, the job runs but I don't get an email telling me it's run or what the results of the run were.

I've checked everything I know, so it must be something I'm not aware of. What else can I check?

Thank you,
Asa Jay
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