CSF Blocking My Customers Ip's

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Hello CSF blocking my own customers IP's address. Please help me to change some settings... I don't want CSF to block my customers IP's like when my customers use his wordpress and try to create a new post CSF blocked his access.
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My advice would be to go to the logs and see exactly what is triggering the block. It could be any number of things, but the log will tell you why that IP is being blocked. Once you've determined that, your options would be a) increase the threshold of blocking, b) remove the LFD check completely (usually set it to 0), c) whitelist the customer's IP address (only useful if its a static IP)
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Are you using cPanel? Mod sec would be one of the reason to block IPs. You may check mod sec log, and find it then disable that rule id. IPs will not be blocked.
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