[Suggestion]: Edit Other - read and offer edit of Include directive files

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This is a suggestion. When the UI is running in unrestricted mode, I know I am able to edit configuration files with the "Edit Other" button.

[ Edit Other ] Edit files and scripts associated with cxs .

My suggestion is for CXS UI to read the configuration files for the "Include" directive and value, and then to allow editing of it through the UI.

For example, if my /etc/cxs/cxs.ignore contains a line like this:
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Include /root/cxs.altignore
... then have the UI include the the extra user-specified file found from the Include directive, as an option to edit when pressing the [ Edit Other ] button.

Perhaps you can even prefix the name appearance of it in the drop-down selection list, with something indicating "User File: /root/cxs.altignore".
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