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Some time ago I "briefly" deactivated CSF because there was something not quite right on my server, and I was wondering if CSF might be the culprit (It wasn't). After testing was complete, I clicked "reactivate", saw a message that said "DONE!" and went to continue with other tasks.

Today I found out that my firewall was down during all this time, putting my server at an unnecessary risk. Why? Because the fineprint after "reactivating" CSF said that it wasn't actually reactivated (to do that, you need shell access).

Can the makers of the CSF plugin (thanks, kudus, and everything else!) please replace the "DONE" by "NOT DONE!" - possibly in red? I can't imagine I'm seriously the only one ever falling into this trap, and as a matter of fact, it might happen to me again if this isn't fixed. Thanks!
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