Duplicate sub domains added to rules every day

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Every day when the script looks for new domains or sub domains to add to the different rules like:
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There is a particular subdomain that keeps getting added every day and is causing hundreds of duplicate entries in the above files. The interesting part is it feels like there is some pattern not matching correctly. I have two domains in the following formats added:
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The 2nd entry my.domain..com is showing hundreds of times in the rules files and every day a new set of entries gets added and I get an email like:
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cPanel -> MailScanner Report
my-domain.com added to spam.scanning.rules
my-domain.com added to spam.action.rules
my-domain.com added to spamhigh.action.rules
my-domain.com added to virus.delivery.rules
That is the interesting part, the e-mail says my-domain.com keeps getting added every day to these rules, but if you look in the rules themselves its actually my.domain..com that keeps getting added:
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To: *@my.domain.com    yes
To: *@my.domain.com    yes
To: *@my.domain.com    yes
To: *@my.domain.com    yes
To: *@my.domain.com    yes
Clearly there is a bug of some sorts, hoping this can get sorted out eventually.
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Usually this is caused by some problem in /etc/localdomains or /etc/secondarymx, which is where the MSFE back-end script gets the domain list. You should check these files for anything odd, any duplicate lines, blank lines, strange characters, etc.
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