csf messenger with country filter

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csf messenger with country filter

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I’ve a running CSF installation with messenger service on CloudLinux 8, I’ve migrated it from iptables to ipset to use blocklists, works wonderfully. But now I have a problem which I cannot solve: if I use the variable CC_MESSENGER_ALLOW and enter any country code or more then I can no longer reach the messenger (v3) page from a blocked IP. I have made sure that CSF recognizes my country correctly, in ipset the IP is also entered in the MESSANGER cain:

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[root@da-dev2 csf]# ipset -L MESSENGER
Type: hash:net
Revision: 6
Header: family inet hashsize 1024 maxelem 65536
Size in memory: 504
References: 0
Number of entries: 1
If I change it back, from: CC_MESSENGER_ALLOW = "XY" to: CC_MESSENGER_ALLOW = "" the messenger service works again.

Am I missing something here?

Block command:

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[root@da-dev2 csf]# csf -d
Adding to csf.deny and iptables DROP...
csf: IPSET adding [] to set [chain_DENY]

[root@da-dev2 csf]# csf -d
deny failed: is in already in the deny file /etc/csf/csf.deny 1 times


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[root@da-dev2 csf]# ipset -L | grep
IP is listed twice because it is used in the chains MESSENGER & chain_DENY

The country filter seems to work otherwise because I have blocked a few countries and see the counter counts up. The goal is that IPs, that are on blocklists cannot unblock themselves.


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MESSENGERV3LOCATION = "/etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-includes.conf"
MESSENGERV3RESTART = "service httpd restart"
MESSENGERV3TEST = "/usr/sbin/apachectl -t"
MESSENGERV3HTTPS_CONF = "/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf"
Does one of you have an idea for this? Thanks
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Re: csf messenger with country filter

Post by pointer »


i have just enabled the option and having the exact same issue. Did you ever find out a way to use CC_MESSENGER_ALLOW with messenger (v3) or can this be confirmed as a bug :)

Thank you
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