deny filenames

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deny filenames

Post by keat63 »

in the config pages is an option to deny filenames.

Deny any attachment filenames matching any of the patterns listed here.
If this setting is empty, it is ignored and no matches are made.
This can also be the filename of a ruleset.

This rule seems to be blocking the whole file name and not just the attachment.
example starke.pdf is being blocked becuase I have TAR as a file name rule.

Is it possible to block just the extension with a wild card.. eg *.tar
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Re: deny filenames

Post by Sarah »


You need to use regular expressions in this field as shown in the examples in the description above the "Allow Filenames" setting. For instance, if you want to deny all .tar files, use this:

Code: Select all

This should block filenames with an extension of exactly tar and nothing else.


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