Is CMC compatible with recent easyApache modules?

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Is CMC compatible with recent easyApache modules?

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We have been using CMC for a few years and find it invaluable when needing to make quick tweaks to ModSecuirty rules for specific users, domains, etc.

Since installing CMC there have been a couple of ModSecurity packages/modules added to easyApache in cPanel, and I am wondering whether CMC is compatible with these modules...

1. modsec2-rules-owasp-crs for auto updating the rule set
2. modsec30-connector-nginx for running ModSecurity directly from NGiNX
3. ea-modsec30-connector-apache24 which seems to be experimental and replaces ea-apache24-mod_security2

Does anyone know about compatibility or upcoming updates to CMC that would make it compatible please?


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