File phishing.bad.sites.conf not updating

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File phishing.bad.sites.conf not updating

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I am actually satisfied with ConfigServer MailScanner Front-End. We get a lot of Phishing emails these days. i searched for what i can do better, and I came across here.
Phishing Updates
These scripts will allow you to update your MailScanner Phishing safe and bad sites. The data files are updated four times per day. To use this service simply replace the respective cron files. These files may be used with any MailScanner installation.

Phishing Bad Sites
The phishing bad sites is updated using data from once per day. The domains included are known to be fraudulent and generally dangerous.

Phishing Safe Sites
The phishing safe sites is updated using data from once per day. The domains used are the top 500 domains on the internet and are generally considered to be safe.

Get the cron
Hmm I was interested and I said ok I found it

but I couldn't find any thread posts on how to do this.

I came across something while searching for the topic. (phishing.bad.sites.conf) 07-Mar-2021 23:35:48 (The date I uploaded mailscanner to the server) this file is not updated.

When I looked at the contents of the file, I came across this article. (phishing.bad.sites.conf) (# This file was generated at Tue Feb 3 21:40:01 GMT 2015) and old malicious websites list.

now my question is
  • How do we add the file that advises us to add as cron
  • Why is the phishing.bad.sites.conf file not updating, is it normal?
I would be very grateful if you could enlighten me.
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