Ignore account quota limit when changing mailbox quota

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Ignore account quota limit when changing mailbox quota

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Hi there,

Firstly thanks for CMM. I think this is a neat add-on to WHM and you've done a good job with its feature set. I'll definitely be keeping this as standard across our WHM servers.

My only suggestion is that when setting a mailbox quota (for both new and existing mailboxes) the account mailbox quota limit should be ignorable. I suggest this because larger mailboxes (larger than a host's standard) are not uncommonly sold as a premium extra due to the snowballing diskspace requirements over backup storage they require, plus additional index processing. We must ensure that we have provisioned enough backup media to store larger snowballed mailboxes. -- We can't leave the quota limit figure excessively high or unlimited because customers with cPanel access will abuse it. :)

When a client wants premium sized mailbox(es) we currently must:
  • Find the account and click Modify Account
  • Increase the mailbox quota limit figure
  • Save that as a custom temporary package
  • Go in to cPanel and adjust that mailbox quota specifically -- though CMM moves this step to a more convenient location
  • Put the account back onto the package it was on
  • Delete the custom temporary package
If CMM could bypass the account's mailbox quota limit it would eliminate 5 of the above steps necessary.

Thanks, Adam.
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