Welcome and READ ME FIRST!

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Welcome and READ ME FIRST!

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Hello and welcome to the ConfigServer Scripts Community Forum.

These forums are for the discussion of our ConfigServer Scripts. Please remember, that we offer limited support for our free scripts as and when we can. The primary purpose of these forums is for the community that use these scripts to offer support to each other. We will stop by from time to time, but we do not offer a continuous presence on these forums.

If we believe you have identified a critical bug that we would like to investigate further we will ask you to log a ticket on our helpdesk. Please do not log tickets for these scripts unless you are directed to do so by a member of staff.

Please note that we won't tolerate abusive, derogatory or rude comments on these boards. They are here solely for users of our scripts to discuss technical aspects of their function.

Please do not bump threads - if and when someone wishes to answer, they will. Bumping a thread will lead to the whole thread being deleted.

ConfigServer Staff