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Auto delete older bounced emails

Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 10:14
by Valuehosted
Hey there!

I guess I am writing the first post on this board.. yay me! :)

First off I want to thank you for your generosity for providing these great scripts free!

I do have a small (?) suggestion regarding cmq and that would be to have a setting to autocron bounced mail in x time.

I tried the mailscanner trick you told me in the blog but without luck, which is probably my own failure (duh really).

Anyways, please do keep up the great work, it is appreciated by a lot of us.



Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 10:26
by chirpy
The easiest way is to probably drop them off the queue by adding the following to the first textarea in the Exim Configuration Editor:

Code: Select all

timeout_frozen_after = 4d
ignore_bounce_errors_after = 2d

Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 10:39
by Valuehosted
I did try that, but it doesn't seem to work for me, which one of the boxes should I do that in? i think i used the top most one.


Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 10:42
by chirpy
It is meant to be the top most one - not sure why it wouldn't work. You do have to wait for the next queue run before it would take effect (usually 60 minutes)

Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 11:18
by homemachine
works for me as sonn as I apply it in the advanced exim config.

can h for hour be used? or is d the only option?

Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 11:20
by chirpy
Yes, you can use h for hours

Posted: 10 Dec 2006, 11:23
by homemachine
cheers Jonathon, I'll give it a try, this forum is great!

Posted: 12 Dec 2006, 03:52
by homemachine
using h doesn't seem to work :(

Posted: 15 Dec 2006, 07:06
by homemachine
I've setup a cron on a directadmin server to remove frozen emails regularly as it gets a lot of junk on it causing high loads but running the same cmd on a cpanel box doesn't work...

exim -bpr | grep frozen | awk {'print $3'} | xargs exim -Mrm
produces the error...
exim: no message ids given after -Mrm option

any idea what the problem is?


exim advance editor

Posted: 05 Jan 2007, 09:28
by winlinfix

Exim advance editor unable to allow following field.

timeout_frozen_after = 4d
ignore_bounce_errors_after = 2d

If i edit using vi it wont show in whm exim advance editor.
as i know whm is using another file for edit. so i tried to edit all files exim.conf.txt
exim.conf.buildtest but no use.

let me know how to edit?