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Add "confirmation" to "delete e-mails"

Posted: 26 Jan 2009, 13:14
by erick_pap

You should add question "Do You really want to delete XX e-mails?" to option "Detete e-mails". I deleted some e-mails because of it :(

Posted: 17 Feb 2010, 01:49
by jbourque
I would ask that you do this as well. The delete button looks like refresh and I clicked it and deleted all my clients email :(

Re: Add "confirmation" to "delete e-mails"

Posted: 06 Apr 2017, 19:21
by sneader
PLEASE PLEASE add this feature.

Just today I was investigating a large number of messages in our queue, and I meant to click "View Emails" but right next to that button is "Delete Emails" and yes... I clicked it by accident. Immediately, it started to delete all mails in the queue, because CMQ has "All Emails" + "Frozen' + 'Bounce' + 'All Other' checked by DEFAULT... thus, with just one click, you delete your entire queue.

Either adding a "This will delete XX messages in the queue. Are you sure?" prompt would really be great!!

- Scott

Re: Add "confirmation" to "delete e-mails"

Posted: 21 Apr 2017, 11:43
by ForumAdmin
This has now been added in v2.04