Very strange issue

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Very strange issue

Post by aluputi »

I have a very strange problem with CSF running on a VPS with cPanel.

This started to happen at a random moment.
When trying to access any site hosted on that VPS, the title of the page loads and so do some of the first bytes. Sometimes the header of the webpage is shown, sometimes not. The browser shows as the page is loading, but nothing more happens.

I checked the logs, but haven't seen anything unusual.

When I shut down CSF everything goes back to normal. When I start it back, the pages don't load anymore.

Where should I look for more info, to figure out what could cause this?

I'm looking forward for your answers! Thanks!
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Re: Very strange issue

Post by xmanflash »

If you add the IP address of your network ( to CSF ignore, does the problem go away for your computer?

I have a server that CSF is intermittently stopping dns calls being reached and don't know why.. They may be related.
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