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I have two issues with LFD Blocklist
1. Is i un commented the third line down of the service to use as it says.
I did this for the service BruteForceBlocker IP List.
After un commenting the line and restating the firewall.
I was unable to SSH into the server. I had to re comment the line and restart the service.
After doing so i went into the server and looked at the /etc/csf/csf.blocked.FILE
When i did it said it was a new file i did not save the file at first although i did later.
The i un commented the DShield Recommended Block List.
And restated the server it think its working although when i went into the file /etc/csf/csf.blocked.FILE
After words i did not see any list really at all. I did see two letters at the bottom of the file after new file.
Can someone help me because i am not sure if this is set up right maybe it is.
I am just really unhappy that after restating this service i was blocked out of my SSH when i am listed in the
LFD allow also the CSF allow list. :eek:
Also my servers are clustered and i have no problems at all too transfer files from server to server.
That works really good although i was hacked badly back in August of this year i had to recover the server.
Lost allot of blocked listings. Am i doing this right any help would be greatly appreciated.
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