Too many open connections...

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Too many open connections...

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I am getting complaints from people on my server getting temporarily banned due to having too many connections open while working in their Joomla back end and I am wondering if I need to adjust my settings or if there is some other problem with Joomla or my server.

For example, they are just working on updating some articles, saving them, clearing cache, then popping out to the front to check how they look. Suddenly they get temp banned and this shows up in the log file:

Nov 3 11:39:45 vps lfd[32426]: (CT) IP 207.---.---.- (US/United
States/gw.----.----.----) found to have 462 connections - *Blocked
in csf* for 1800 secs [CT_LIMIT]

The same thing has happened to me as well on my own Joomla install. So far the only solution I have found is to whitelist the user's IP address.

Do I need to change the setting on CSF to allow for more open connections? Could this be a Joomla bug of some kind? All the people are doing is opening and saving articles through one browser window.

Thank you!

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