Default ports in TCP OUT

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Default ports in TCP OUT

Post by adeyjones »

Hi guys

I recently started up my first AWS EC2 instance, installed WHM/cPanel and migrated a few sites across. All going great, sites running perfectly and emails going in and out. Installed Configserver and suddenly my mail stopped sending.

Took me 2 days to actually realise it wasn't sending, when I looked in to it I found after several hours that the sending port (465) wasn't being allowed in the TCP_OUT in config, and port 67 wasn't allowed in UDP_OUT.

My question is this, why would configserver not have these ports added by default when cPanel specifically advises users via Email Accounts > Configure your devices that the best settings to use are for SSL and port 465 (not 587 which it stats is non-ssl and not recommended).

Basically means that any cpanel user who has configserver installed would not be able to send mail without first allowing port 465 manually in the config, most of which wont know to do this unless they've had previous issues as I just have.

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Re: Default ports in TCP OUT

Post by Sergio »

When CSF is installed it comes with some ports that you as administrator has to check and modify accordingly.

I suggest you to check the following from cPanel:
How to Configure Your Firewall for cPanel & WHM Services
Valid for versions: 84,86,90,92,94
Last modified: November 20, 2020 ... rvices/84/
That will help you to tweak your fire wall.
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