Should I really disable ABRT?

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Should I really disable ABRT?

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Just recently the CSF/LFD Server Check emails from one of my servers started including the following:

Server Services Check

On most servers the following services are not needed and should be stopped and disabled from starting unless used:


Each service can usually be disabled using:

/sbin/service [service] stop
/sbin/chkconfig [service] off


The odd thing is that the server in question is around 4 years old, runs CloudLinux 6 / cPanel 90, has had the full CP+MS package installed since before going into production, and has apparently had abrt enabled all these years but only just recently did I start getting that message included in the Server Check.

I'm a little hesitant to just disable the abrt service since it looks to be useful in some cases, but after spending a while searching other discussions around the web I see that some people do not think it is necessary.

I'd be very interested to know (and very much appreciate) others' opinions on whether it's good / bad / indifferent to disable abrt please. Thanks in advance for any repsonses / thoughts on this!
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