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Server not reachable - over different IPs, only if CSF is deactivated, the access works again.

Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 12:12
by tholler
i use CSF on a cPanel server in the current version. Without having changed anything, I was suddenly locked out today. Even changing the IP by restarting the DSL connection or access via smartphone (not WLAN) didn't bring any change - the server is/was not reachable, there was also no reaction to a simple PING. The only thing that helped was to run csf -x directly on the server console via KVM console (not via SSH, but directly). This makes the server/cPanel and all pages accessible again, only as soon as I switch on csf again (csf -e), I am out; and that with new IP and on with the release of the IP in csf.
I just don't understand the world and hope that someone here has an explanation, I don't have one!

Many greetings

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