Block temp ip's and not directy to permanent

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I'm newer here, if I start some "stupid" question, please excuse me.

I use firewall in WHM with CentOS 7*64, the config file of firewall are installed by host, and today, navigate in this site I view are scripts for download/install for my self
Therefore, now I do not know if it is better to use script downloaded from this site...

My doubt is that, in the host where I have the doubt / problem, any attempt exceeded connection directly blocks the IP permanently, however, another site that I have in another server, first temporarily blocked, if there are no more attempts of connection, after 1 hour unlocks it, however, if the attempts persist for x hours, temporarily blocks it.

This last configuration I like, a user of mine had too many unsuccessful connection attempts by FTP and blocked it for 1 hour, then unlocked it.
I have tried to see how to configure this function in my new host, first temporary and then permanent, but I am not able to see how to configure this in this way.
As much as I compare the configuration of one host and another, I am not able to see the differences so that I do it that way.

Thanks in advance and greetings!
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