CSF Blocking Gmail Inbound Emails again

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CSF Blocking Gmail Inbound Emails again

Post by joegold »

I'm having another issue with CSF blocking inbound emails from Gmail. I logged into multiple gmail accounts and tried to send email to one of our servers and the emails are never received. After I disable CSF firewall i can then receive email from all 3 gmail accounts. I flushed all IP blocks, and added Googles entire IP block to CSF ignore. Restarted CSF and still CSF is blocking email. The email never even hits the spam rules.

Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Re: CSF Blocking Gmail Inbound Emails again

Post by Sergio »

Are you sure that you are writing the right CIDR?
i don't think so.
You say "and added Googles entire IP block" that CIDR is not good, if what you wanted was to white list all the IPs from up to you should have to write: this is the right way.

But just in case you need the list of google CIDRs per IP range, it is an old list but you can re search it agin in google:

Based on what the DIG command reports back, as of September 2017 the public Gmail IP address ranges currently include: <<<< ------ To this IP range belongs the sub set that I wrote you above:
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