CSF Messenger request feature

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CSF Messenger request feature

Post by DaNgErOuS »

i need a feature in CSF Messenger that when the ip is blocked show block reason in csf messenger page
how can in see blocked reason in the csf messenger page ?
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Re: CSF Messenger request feature

Post by bouvrie »

I second this request, rather than opening a new feature request, I'm bumping this here.

Seeing the Messenger Service is (and should remain) quite a basic application with low footprint, perhaps a workaround would be (for the HTML Messenger) to include javascript code that'll load an <IP_ADDRESS>.js file, which in turn return the block reason for that IP address.

Then all you have to do, is write a script (triggered by LFD blocking an IP address) to write said javascript to your webserver. And perhaps a cron job to remove obsolete javascripts when the block is removed.

It's quite cumbersome though, perhaps the block_reason could be just another variable in the Messenger service. That way, the Text Messenger could use it too. :)
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