release date in changelog

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release date in changelog

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This is partially a duplicate of "Release date in changelog + Version number in upgrade log." The version number was added to the update script, but it is still not in the changelog.

Would it be possible to get the release date included in the changelog as well? Something like this? (But better formatted. The BB software is making it really tough to get pretty looking text.)
5.43 - 11.12.13
csf and lfd modified to better handle !lo interface for compatibility with newer iptables versions.

Removed use of Sys::Hostname::Long

Added new options LF_APACHE_403 and LF_APACHE_403_PERM. This option
will keep track of the number of "client denied by server
configuration" errors in HTACCESS_LOG. If the number of hits is more
than LF_APACHE_403 in LF_INTERVAL seconds then the IP address will be
blocked. See csf.conf for more information

5.42 - 11.12.10
SECURITY FIX. Anyone running csf on a DirectAdmin server should upgrade to this release immediately:

Add check for successful open of admin.list on DA servers to avoid a segfault, which could lead to a buffer overflow

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Re: release date in changelog

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We use the blog for date tracking of the changelog and you should subscribe to it if you want to keep track of those:
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