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Posted: 30 Jan 2007, 01:48
by homemachine
I've installed on non cpanel running exim but LF_SCRIPT_ALERT isn't able to be used, am I missing something?

Posted: 30 Jan 2007, 15:11
by chirpy
From the readme.txt under the subject of generic linux:
4. The options SMTP_BLOCK and LF_SCRIPT_ALERT LF_CPANEL are not available

Posted: 30 Jan 2007, 23:19
by homemachine
oops, sorry.

Any chance LF_SCRIPT_ALERT will be included in the generic install at some stage?

Posted: 25 May 2007, 02:15
by homemachine
any chance Chirpy?
this feature is really good.


Posted: 25 May 2007, 16:08
by chirpy
No, as the feature is exim and cPanel specific.

getting LF_SCRIPT_ALERT working on cpanel server

Posted: 13 Jul 2007, 00:51
by BigLebowski
Hi, I am working on a Cpanel server which has CSF installed in /etc/csf however there are no controls visible via WHM :confused: My guess is that it wasn't installed through the WHM interface.

I am trying to get LF_SCRIPT_ALERT working but because it thinks its not on a Cpanel server it isn't.

How can I get the WHM interface and LF_SCRIPT_ALERT working please? :p

Thanks in advance.

Posted: 13 Jul 2007, 10:23
by chirpy
That would suggest that they installed the generic version rather than the cPanel specific one. Id' suggest uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure it's running the right version.

latest Cpanel version

Posted: 13 Jul 2007, 19:09
by BigLebowski
Hi Chirpy

Thanks for your reply.

Just to check, is it the latest one that works with Cpanel here:


bump :)

Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 13:00
by BigLebowski

Anyone able to assist please?


Posted: 24 Jul 2007, 19:47
by Infopro