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Bug list CSF Messenger

Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 10:14
by ditto
After working av week trying to make CSF Messenger work in a usable manner, we must conlude that at current time it is not usable for us. Here is a list over problems and bugs we experienced:

Our system: We are running DirectAdmin and CSF 14.01. We have both CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 servers (the below list apply to both). We are using ipset:

- On DirectAdmin is it needed to change default path in MESSENGER_HTTPS_CONF to become: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/*/httpd.conf

- It seems that when using DirectAdmin we will automatically only get CSF Messenger V1, because the php files generated in /home/csf is not used, but only the html files in /etc/csf/messenger is used.

- In Vivaldi, Chrome, Edge and Safari the unblock page (index.recaptcha.html) take 18 to 22 seconds to load. In short periods after restarting lfd, sometimes it loads instantly, but very soon revert to take 18 to 22 seconds to load.

- In Firefox the redirect to unblock page does not work correctly, instead it will just stay loading for 30 to 60 seconds, then after that, it will not redirect, but when the user reload/refresh the page in Firefox, it will show the unblock page, but not without manually reload/refresh the page.

- After a night has passed, it stops working, meaning that when user get blocked he is not forwarded to the unblock page, but instead get a network error message in the browser. Then we have to restart csf and lfd for it to start working normal (normal means 18 to 22 seconds loading time for the redirect page).

- On the unblock page, (index.recaptcha.html), only RECAPTCHA_SUCCESS seems to work. Becvause sometimes when user click on the "Unblock" button, nothing happes. When this happen, it will not display a error message. Also when this happens, it will continue to happen until the user close the browser and visit the page again. So it seems that the RECAPTCHA_FAILURE and RECAPTCHA_ERROR in index.recaptcha.html does not work.

I hope these things can be improved/fixed in the future. Currently we have deactivated CSF Messenger on our servers. Perhaps it would work better with CSF Messenger V2, but according to the readme, it only work on cPanel servers.