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Suggestion for MessengerV2

Posted: 13 Apr 2019, 23:56
by Vikks
Only enabling http/1.1 with keepalive disabled forces the user to recreate connections to Apache for every request sent to the Messenger host. This reduces the delay between an unban and a successful first request.

Protocols http/1.1
KeepAlive Off

# grep -Rin -E '(Protocol|KeepAl)' /usr/local/csf/lib/ConfigServer/
493: print $OUT " Protocols http/1.1\n";
494: print $OUT " KeepAlive Off\n";
584: print $OUT " Protocols http/1.1\n";
585: print $OUT " KeepAlive Off\n";
624: print $OUT " KeepAlive Off\n";
625: print $OUT " Protocols http/1.1\n";