CSF to block IP from RBLs

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Hi All,

Just my thought.

I noticed from LF_Xxx notification that when an IP is blocked by CSF, it will 99.99% appear in some kind of Blacklists (RBLs).

I know RBLs is an entirely different area of discussion here, but since when an IP source trying to Bruteforce and its IP got blocked by CSF also appear in Blacklists (RBLs), I wonder if there will be any future development to make use of the RBLs in CSF to block those Blacklisted IP first before they even got a chance to perform Bruteforce on the Server?

It will be good to also have options of Whitelisting or Bypass Checks features on IP addresses which are currently in the Blacklist (RBLs).
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That is the way the RBLs are supposed to be used. It sounds like there is an issue with your configuration. You'll want to make sure you have the RBL enabled and that CSF is applying the RBL IP addresses to the firewall rules.

When you say the IP is "appearing in some kind of blacklist", you mean it is in one of the very exact blacklists which CSF is supposed to be applying?
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