Pass blocks from all LF_ triggers to Cloudflare for DOMAIN:all entries

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I noticed in your readme.txt about Cloudflare that "Automatic blocks via lfd are limited to LF_MODSEC and LF_CXS triggers as only through these can the domain name be determined."

However in csf.cloudflare we can also specify entries with "DOMAIN:any" to catch all relevant triggers regardless of domain. I'm guessing this is for people who manage all domains on their server via one cloudflare account (like myself).

For any entries with this flag, is it really necessary to limit the blocks to only LF_MODSEC and LF_CXS? Since the domain doesn't matter for the "DOMAIN:any" flag it would be great if blocks from all the other LF_ triggers were passed through to cloudflare too.

PS. sent you an email about this before I realised you had a suggestions forum
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