Support ASNs in CC_IGNORE and support ASN for CC6_LOOKUPS

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Right now, it looks like the CC_IGNORE check in lfd sets the cconly parameter on its iplookup call, which only returns and checks the country code, not the full iplookup result. This is obviously a good idea so there aren't any false matches with reverse DNS or the like, but also excludes listing ASNs in CC_IGNORE. It seems like it should be safe enough to return CC and ASN in an OR regex when cconly is set, but I haven't checked out the full implications of this. Other options include another parameter to only return the ASN for checking.

While we're on the subject, I'd also like to see IPv6 ASN lookup implemented as well. MaxMind provides a GeoLite ASN IPv6 database in the legacy format which should work the same as the IPv4 database. For that matter, there's also a GeoLite IPv6 City database, which should allow for the same settings for CC6_LOOKUPS as CC_LOOKUPS. I've even found that the City v6 database can give better results for v4 addresses when looking up via the IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses (::ffff:

If you have contribution guidelines, then I may even provide a patch for some or all of this functionality myself.

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