VSFTP lfd banning does not work for the first 9 days of a month

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On my system (Debian 7) the day is padded with a space when the day is a single digit.
Then this line #262 in RegexMain.pm will not match:
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if (($config{LF_FTPD}) and ($globlogs{FTPD_LOG}{$lgfile}) and ($line =~ /^\S+ \S+ \d+ \S+ \d+ \[pid \d+] \[(\S+)\] FAIL LOGIN: Client "(\S+)"/)) {
Might be a typo. It works for all two digit days.

I changed it like that and it works:
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^\S+ \S+\s+\d+ \S+ \d+ \[pid \d+] \[(\S+)\] FAIL LOGIN: Client "(\S+)"
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does not match:
Wed Nov  2 16:33:56 2016 [pid 1] [usrname] FAIL LOGIN: Client ""
Wed Oct 31 16:33:56 2016 [pid 1] [usrname] FAIL LOGIN: Client ""
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