"csf -t" does not show port

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"csf -t" does not show port

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"csf -t" does not show port:

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[root@server2:~] $ csf -c
csf is already at the latest version: v9.10

[root@server2:~] $ csf -td -p 22 "Comment: TEST" 
DROP  tcp opt -- in !lo out *  ->   tcp dpt:22
csf: blocked on port 22 for 3600 seconds inbound

[root@server2:~] $ csf -t

A/D   IP address                               Port   Dir   Time To Live     Comment
DENY                                         in    59m 56s          Comment: TEST
Of course the command successfully done in the firewall and csf.tempban, Just there is a problem in showing port.

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[root@server2:~] $ tail -n1 /var/lib/csf/csf.tempban
1469397425||22|in|3600|Comment: TEST

[root@server2:~] $ csf -l | grep
2        0     0 DROP       tcp  --  !lo    *                tcp dpt:22

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Re: "csf -t" does not show port

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Thank you for reporting this. We will have a fix in the next release of csf.

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