Spelling error

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Spelling error

Post by SoftDux »


I just noticed the following:

"Temprary" should be "Temporary" in the mail that gets send from lfd out when an IP is permanently banned:

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From:  <root@pluto>
> Date: Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 3:51 PM
> Subject: lfd on pluto: 41.76.x.x (ZA/South
> Africa/x.x.) blocked permanently
> To: x@x.x
> Time:            Tue Mar 13 15:51:25 2012 +0200
> IP:     (ZA/South
> Africa/healthpfs.dedicated.co.za) Temprary Blocks: 5

It's here on the last line ---------------------- ^
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Re: Spelling error

Post by chirpy »

That was fixed a couple of years ago in v5.00. The alert templates are not overwritten when we change them as they're customisable and so any changes by the user would be lost. You have to read the changelog for changes if you want to update the email templates to their latest versions.