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php.ini control

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Previously, I want to apologize for having to discuss anything outside the forum topic.

I wish to discuss the feature that have the same ability with ModSecurity ConfigServer Control. As we know, with the help of suPHP on cPanel we've got some options settings PHP.INI

1) You can allow the users to set up Their own php.ini files as They see fit. This is the default configuration.

2) You can force all users to use a single php.ini file. This is done by setting the phprc_paths in /opt/suPHP/etc/suphp.conf. If you set this it will from overriding any other settings in. htaccess files or httpd.conf.

3) You can control the which php.ini is used for each account using suPHP_ConfigPath. This directive can be used in httpd.conf.

Custom php.ini is helpful for our customers but on the other hand is a threat to the server because of irresponsible people can upload a custom php.ini and override the server php.ini. It's good for custom php.ini not stored in /home/ but separate in other places that have been specified in the httpd.conf as practiced by the whitelist feature on ConfigServer ModSecurity Control. And this features will available also on cPanel so client can edit the php.ini in the cPanel interface (php.ini location remains outside the directory /home/)

I do not know if this can be done because I saw a similarity function with the CMC.

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