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This is a long term one perhaps...

I was working through mod_security logs and thinking 'I wonder which sites and which rules are getting the most attention?'.

So, how about some kind of statistics tracking for sites and rules. It'd help with security if we knew which sites get hit a lot and which rules are being triggered.


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It's a great idea, but really falls outside of the scope of this addon which is primarily for whitelisting ModSecurity rule ID's.


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You can do it yourself, it is not that hard.

Create a php script that access your MODSEC database in your server and you can check all the info that you want, that is what we did.

And remember that the MODSEC database is deleted everytime you run EASYAPACHE and updates anything in there, so, if you are going to have this type of stats it is a good idea to backup your database before any modification with EASYAPACHE.

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