CMC OFF RULES for domain is not working anymore

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I am seeing that since cPanel added the Mod_Security tools, the CMC option to set one domain with rules off is no longer working.

Is this an incompatibility?

Also, since cPanel added the Mod_Security option, the files ip.dir and ip.pag
are growing so huge that CMC now is showing the following error:
"collections_remove_stale: Failed deleting collection (name "ip", key "xx.xx.xx.xx"): Internal error".

This didn't happen before cPanel added the Mod_Security tool.

I created a cron to delete those files and when deleted the error disappears, until it grows again.
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That is to be expected. You should only use one or the other - cPanel's new UI feature, or the manual /usr/local/apache/config/modsec2.user.conf - not both.
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Why not? They both simply just manage config files. I like cpanels mod_sec logging better and its vendor process and and autoupdating, but they have no user users management, which cmc is good for.
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any solution on this

cpanel ui can not be disabled
rules exlusion does not work any more
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im also interested with the issue,do you still use cmc to control the rules well ?
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