ModSecurity features in cPanel 11.46

These forums are not for questions about ModSecurity, just the cmc script itself
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11.46 adds ModSecurity features to WHM/cPanel which on the face of it seems like a great thing but is it?

Does it conflict with ConfigServer's ModSecurity Control?
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It should not conflict at all.
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We make use of the ModSecurity feature and OWASP provided by cPanel.

We also make use of the ConfigServer ModSecurity Control.

The problem is that whitelisting is not working.

You can select an account -> modify user whitelist

And then add a rule from ModSecurity OWASP, like 970901

It will not ignore the rule and LFD will still block the user.
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Appear to be having the same issue... 240335 comodo WAF xml rule is not whitelisting properly. latest versions of everything

any ideas?
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