ConfigServer ModSec Control not working in some cases

These forums are not for questions about ModSecurity, just the cmc script itself
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Hi i know this is an old post but does anyone have a list of these ID numbers ? one that a web hosts uses please ?
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I hate to bump an old topic but this is on point. I am having the same issue trying to whitelist 960015. I have done it globally and by user with the same result.
When I check for "Include /usr/local/apache/conf/modsec2.whitelist.conf" in modsec2.user.conf it is the last line in the file. When I move it to the first line and save the change it gets put back as the last line.

I am on cmc 1.05

Any suggestions?


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i installed (CMC) and on its tab in WHM i seen like its empty. I rather then put in as associate addon thus known as "ConfigServer ModSecurity Control" and once server install and that i set it to "On" and "Select". But the log file is empty. ("View the last entries within the ModSecurity log file"). How am i able to veriffy mod security rules square measure applied and works?
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