Is cmc still useful with the nowadays cpanel server?

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My question is simple : Is cmc still useful/can work with the nowadays cpanel server?

I asked this because it is pretty confusing now to me that cpanel already comes with its cpanel modsecurity tools that can setup different rules/disable rules, More importantly, it looks like it is not working now?

For example, in cmc the first option can let you disable the mod_security completely, i can easily set it off, but in apache error_log, there are sill many mod_security log enteries , so i guess it cannot disabled the mod)_security. We tried also whitelist rules seems it is also not working now.

I understand that cmc is an product with history, it even exisit as the EA3 and modsecurity is an apache module that is optional to installed, it was a great product, however i am not so sure if it is still suitable to use now, and is it conflicting the cpanel modsecurity tools?????
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