2 Suggestions...

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2 Suggestions...

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I'd like to make 2 suggestions if i may.

1) To help performance - internal rate limiting for often changed files. Instead of the 'x file scanned x times in last 30 seconds' - CXS could internally keep a record of files already scanned in the last 30 seconds, ignore the 'between changes' and queue a scan for 30 seconds time. This way CXS will always scan the end result of the file change, but it will only do this once per 30 seconds at most. I did write a script to parse the cxswatch log and add often changed files to cxs.ignore, but then the cxs.ignore file got a bit out of control.

2) The quarantine UI needs an overhaul, it's difficult to ignore and restore multiple files in the current one, i find i often have to do this multiple times to get it to take effect, and the way the UI is laid out i can't tell after submission i can't tell what files i've done.

Thanks :)

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