Hardcorded email destiny in templates

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Hardcorded email destiny in templates

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I need a weekly scan with notification to my email, but not email notifications for cPanel users. For this I am using this cron and this template:

cat /etc/cron.weekly/cxs_complete_weekly

Code: Select all

/usr/sbin/cxs --nosversionscan --bayes --breport high --options -wW \
--Wmaxchild 3 --Wloglevel 0 --Wsleep 3 --filemax 0 --Wrateignore 300 \
-Q /home/quarantine -I /etc/cxs/cxs.ignore --xtra /etc/cxs/cxs.xtra \
--prenice 20 --pionice 7 \
--mail yorodriguez@example.com --template /etc/cxs/cxs.template.weekly \
--report /var/log/cxs_weekly_scan.log /home/
cat /etc/cxs/cxs.template.weekly

Code: Select all

From: [from]
To: yorodriguez@example.com
Subject: Weekly cxs Scan on [hostname] (Hits:[hits]) (Viruses:[viruses]) (Fingerprints:[fingerprints])

Time : [time]

The following has been reported by the ConfigServer eXploit Scanner running on [hostname]:

The problem is that hfile and hdir in cxs.ignore are not taken in account because I am not using --allusers. If I use --allusers all my users will get email notifications, I do not want this.

This could be fixed if "To:" field can be hardcoded and not sending the email to the user owner of the scanned file.

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