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Notification Ignore File

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Currently you can ignore a directory/file which means CXS wont react to said directory/file. I want to be able to have the same functionality for notifications of CXS.
That is to say, I want CXS to scan and clean /tmp/ but I dont want to receive notifications for it.

This I can imagine is a very common issue for providers as /tmp/ is the default upload directory so tons of viruses/exploits/etc are uploaded through client upload scripts. CXS cleans these; but each day I receive hundreds of notifications and I would rather just receive notifications for other detections.
There are other uses for this too (known files, false positives, etc) that notifications could be ignored for.

1) CXS checks for exploit/virus
2) CXS finds issue, checks cxs.ignore - if set to ignore, ignores - else reacts
3) If reacts. react + check cxs.notifyignore, if set notifyignore - dont email admin else notify

So in summary, the exact functionality of cxs.ignore but for notifications.

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