Better CXS Control UI

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Better CXS Control UI

Post by nike.stars »

for next CXS UI Revision we would like to critize the layout and efficiency needed when looking up in the CXS Control since CXS have very limited multi-tab detection without restarting from beginning.

In the CXS Control quarantined list, there is an icon like medical car beside the number list, we wanted that changed like old days to a + sign so that when it's clicked, it would show dropdown or detailed list instantly the contents of it (screenshot) without moving/loading to another new page.

It would significantly speeds up file checking of the quarantined files. Better yet if we able to do mass delete/mass ignore/md5 by using checklist like old interface.

Please consider this. Thank you.
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Re: Better CXS Control UI

Post by tvc »

The new interface is quite confusing actually.

I wonder what triggered this "dumb down" approach?

I mean the only ones really using it are geeks like us - and we certainly don't need a "Wizard."

Is there a summary page or post describing the new layout, differences, advantages, etc?

And yes, I have read this, but it's not very informative (for us):

Love you guys!
Please keep charging ahead.
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