Command (W) not found

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Command (W) not found

Post by linkoficial »

I realized that the function "(W) world writable directory (777) and chmod to 755"
stopped working. I discovered the problem after trying to fix permissions for an account, as I often do. To my surprise the files with 777 permissions were not detected nor mentioned in the log CSX.
I do not always when the problem started or what version. I'm currently using the version 5.30, and problem occurs on all servers I'm using CXS.

CSX: v5.30
OS: CloudLinux 6.6 x64
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Re: Command (W) not found

Post by davidjordan »

I am having another similar problem, specifically that I can't ignore world writeable directories, at least when the command is produced through the web interface (have not actually tried on command line).
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