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Feature request / idea

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Lately I have seen on cPanel servers alot of multi FTP hacks.

- Attacker logs in with FTP username/pass of cPanel account (from where these come no one knows)
- Attacker uploads files (shells/.htaccess spam links / mailers etc)
- Does this to most accounts on same server in short period of time.

Result: fast defacement of most/all sites on a server.

I would like to suggest a feature which:

Limits FTP access to a single IP address for X FTP username(s) in a 24 hour period. This way, an attacker cannot upload files to many usernames on the same server. Server owner could turn this feature on or off and specify how many usernames 1 unique IP can access in a 24 hour period.

Data could be stored in a flat file and cleared down nightly with a cron. I guess this would be easy to implement.


If more than X uploads of filename.Y in a period of X hours, block uploader and q'tine files.


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