Non Cpanel server

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If you believe that there is a problem with your cxs installation and want support then, as a paid product, you should use the helpdesk after having consulted the documentation.
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Non Cpanel server

Post by macklus »


I find cxs very usefful on our Cpanel servers, and wish to use it on non-cpanel servers, to ensure their security.
I see that Cpanel is required, but i dont know if is viable use it (on limited way, or just only a few features) on non-cpanel server, or its not possible (and never be because...) use cxs on non Cpanel server.

Only i need is scan for files and daemon. Not need of interface or similar.

thanks in advance.
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Re: Non Cpanel server

Post by Sarah »


Cxs should work on a server that meets all of the other product requirements listed on our website, including the operating system. There is a webmin plugin included and there is an UI for DirectAdmin, plus the built-in integrated UI with csf.

However, using cxs on anything other than cPanel is not currently officially supported so we cannot offer any support or assistance for any issues installing or running cxs on non-cPanel servers. In addition, we do not offer an installation service for cxs on non-cPanel servers.

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