CXS not scan for virus

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CXS not scan for virus

Post by nickpetros »

i have the latest version of CXS in cpanel.
Also i have some extra clamav rules from Atomicorp.
When i scan with clamscan -r -i /home/path/public_html
i can find some virus, for example Atomicorp.PHP.Malware.19.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
However when i scan with cxs, even if i enable all options for virus i find nothing.
For example:
/usr/sbin/cxs --report /var/log/cxs.scan --logfile /var/log/cxs.log --mail root --exploitscan --virusscan --sversionscan --nobayes --nounofficial -I /etc/cxs/cxs.ignore --options mMOLfSGchexdnwZRrD --voptions mfuhexT --summary --html --ssl -C /var/clamd --fallback -E --user XXX

The clam socket is the right one and there no any error about clamav when i run cxs.

How i can debug why CXS not use clamav?
Thank you
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Re: CXS not scan for virus

Post by Sarah »

It is not using your additional rules because unofficial rules are disabled with the option --nounofficial. Either remove that option or change it to --unofficial so that it will use your additional clamav rules.

In addition, using the --voptions setting will RESTRICT the types of files that cxs will scan using clamav. If you want it to scan all files, then leave that option out completely.
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